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Maternity Leave Freezer Stash

In “My Top 5 Recommendations for the Expecting Mother” post, my first recommendation was to fill up with freezer meals.  Although Cormac came about three weeks early, we luckily already had our freezer full (maybe I overlooked the signs of nesting!).  Recipes to come!


Here is quick list of what we stocked our freezer with:

1. Protein pancakes- only six ingredients with no added sugar!  Great to just pop in the toaster and top with peanut butter.

2. Zucchini lasagna- nothing fancy with this one.  Just subbed out lasagna noodles with zucchini!

3. Black bean and turkey enchiladas- utilized whole grain tortillas for an extra boost of fiber.

4. Make ahead lunch wraps- this vegetarian recipe is also full of fiber.  Put on a Panini press and top with guacamole!

5. Mexican mac and cheese- not exactly the healthiest recipe but we did make simple substitutions to improve the nutritional quality.

6. Goulash- an easy comfort food!

7. Protein balls- of course 🙂  Tripled the recipe and froze.  These are such an easy snack to grab after breastfeeding!

Other things you may notice in our freezer included frozen veggies for a side dish and frozen fruit (from Fruit Club, of course!) for smoothies.

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