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June Spotlight

Trying something new here!  Each month I will share anything that has caught my eye.

I am six-weeks post partum and have the green light to get back into higher intensity workouts and I am STOKED!  I am of course easing my way back into my routine, listening to my body, and listening to what Cormac will allow me to do based on his sleep schedule (THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE).


Therefore, this month’s spotlight is mainly related to fitness:


Kiava Endurance Bra

I follow a local Sioux Falls Facebook Boutique called Twisted Closet (@twistedclosetboutique) and they were advertising Kiava active wear at a good price.  Kiava’s active wear is both practical and adorable!  I went with the Endurance Bra since I need these milk jugs to stay in place during interval training and for my runs.  How adorable is it?!  Now to find a good tank to show it off….



My goal for June should also be to get some color 🙂

This is a size medium, royal blue.  Fits true to size.



Quick and Easy Arm Workout

As I already said, I am currently halfway through my maternity leave (WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!) and am working to getting back to my pre-pregnancy routine.  However, any parent knows that time is limited sometimes.  Enter the Tone It Up girls.  Here is a routine I just did today- the best thing is that they have free printable PDFs so you can do as able.  They also have loads of workouts on their YouTube channel.  NO EXCUSES!


Halo Top Ice Cream

Not EXACTLY fitness related but my family have recently been enjoying our Halo Top ice cream.  This ice cream advertises itself to be low in calories (this one is only 280 calories per PINT…not per serving) and carbs while high in protein.  My personal favorites are the birthday cake (Genevieve’s favorite too!) and the cookies ‘n cream!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some have said it is “too expensive” at about $5/pint.  I would argue that it is less expensive as it is less than a DQ blizzard plus it takes a good couple days to finish a pint as it is very satisfying.

FYI It does use sugar alcohols (which contributes to the low carb and calories) so if you have a sensitive tummy (such as IBS and are on the FODMAPs diet), you will likely still need to avoid.

I do believe this is a BETTER option than regular ice cream, however, we still put in the “sometimes foods” category.


Until next month!

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