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4th of July Layered Mocktails (and cocktails)!

Every July, we make layered mocktails in my kids cooking class- they are a hit!  Making layered drinks are simple.  The key is to look at the sugar content.  Look at the nutrition facts label and choose three different drinks with increasing sugar content (such as 10g, 20g, and 30g).  The sugar content affects the density and will make for easy layering.

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(So I accidently bought diet cranberry-pomegranate juice which only had about 5g carbs so that is why it is at the top of the drink.  OOPS!  Be sure to buy cranberry juice with about 30g carbs to have the red at the bottom of the drink!)

Here is a simple recipe for fun layered mocktails for the kiddos and cocktails for the parents:

All you need:

  • 15 oz. bottle cranberry juice
  • 32 oz. bottle White Frost Gatorade
  • 32 oz. bottle Glacier Freeze (blue) G2
  • Rum or vodka for the adults

All you do:

  • Fill your glass to the top with ice.
  • Slowly pour the cranberry juice (or the drink with the most sugar) first over the ice; about 1/3 of the glass
  • Slowly pour the Sobe (or the 2nd highest sugar content drink) over the ice; about 3/4 of the glass.
  • Finally, pour the Gatorade (0r the drink with least amount of sugar) to the top.
  • If making a cocktail, simply add your desired alcohol.

That’s it!  I hope you and your kiddos will love these refreshing drinks of the 4th! Stay safe. 🙂

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