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November Spotlight- Kids & Vacation

On Wednesday my husband and I returned from a WONDERFUL trip to Italy and Ireland.  We were gone for just under two weeks and there was a lot of concern (mostly on my end) on whether or not our kids would be able to handle us being gone for so long.  Therefore we wanted to create a way for our children to understand when we would be coming home and also provide an activity that they can look forward to each night.

So what we did was make little gift bags that their grandparents would give them each night.  We dated paper lunch bags and wrote notes on each one highlighting where we were and reminding them how much we loved and missed them.  We also provided them with an activity such as a craft or a movie (this was a big help for their grandparents on having to entertain them).  Items in the gift bags varied (see complete list below) but were generally inexpensive items found at the clearance/dollar section in Target or just around the house such as craft supplies, Netflix, leftover Halloween candy, etc..  All in all the cost for all of the bags for our two children (ages 18 months and 4 years old) was around $35.

Both sets of grandparents raved about how the bags were a HIT and was something the children really looked forward to every night!  They were such a hit that when we got home my four-year-old asked if this meant they weren’t going to get any more gift bags– gee thanks lol.  I highly recommend this idea to any parents considering a long trip!

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Items included in the gift bags:

  • Flavored water juice boxes (one for each day)
  • Play-doh
  • Leftover Halloween candy
  • Books from the dollar section at Target.  They also each got a bigger book as Target was having a BOGO sales on books that day.  To keep the price down you can stick with the dollar section books.
  • Craft supplies that we already had- they made butterflies and angels out of clothespins, coffee filters, and pipe cleaners
  • Christmas socks from Target dollar section- activity paired with this bag included watching a Christmas movie of their choice
  • Activity books for Church from the dollar section which included crayons, coloring pages, and stickers.
  • My Little Pony Rainbow Dash (as seen in the picture) costume.  I went shopping shortly after Halloween so this was 80% off at Target- MAJOR score as my daughter is OBSESSED with dress up.
  • Our big and most expensive gift was the movie Brave.  In this bag we also included some puff-corn.
  • Other miscellaneous items included Hot Wheels, bouncy balls, gum, and paddle balls- all under $3.

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