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January Spotlight- Rent the Runway Review!

I know I am a couple years behind the Rent the Runway (RTR) scene; I work from home or in a hospital- I hardly get out of sweatpants!  However, I had the best first experience with RTR!  I thought I would cue you in on some hacks learned from friends that I accredit this first go-around with being such a success!

RTR is pretty straight forward- look at dresses (they also have clothing and accessories!), pick the dress(es), pick the dates, get the dress, wear the dress, drop the dress in a UPS box.  Here are some tips from a fellow first-timer!

1. Get the discounts!

Being late to the RTR game ended up working in my favor.  Ask your friends for codes for discounted prices- plus your friend will also receive a credit for using their referral.  You also can get discounts for your first rental- $25 off, free additional dress, etc.

2. Book in advance.

The first dress that I wanted to rent was out of my size.  Depending on the time of year, dresses will go fast!  My dress was needed around New Years thus being a high-demand time.  Booking far in advance will ensure that you get the dress your heart desires!  Lucky for me- I had no problems finding a different dress.

3. Take the second size or second dress.

If you are like me and are in between sizes- don’t worry.  RTR offers a free second size- TAKE IT!  I ended up using my back up size.  Did I mention that the second size is FREE?!

4. Plan an extra day for delivery.

This was a tip from a friend that was much appreciated.  As stated, I rented my dress around the holidays when the mail offices are in a frenzy.  Allow yourself the extra day for your dress to get there.  Plus you will have time to try one and accessorize your outfit.

5. Read reviews!

This was the determining factor when I chose my dress, size, length, etc.  You can learn so much from reading the reviews and looking at pictures.  You are able to look at how the dresses look on various body types, skin tones, etc.  I am 5’9″ and I typically can get a way with wearing regular or long length.  When reading the comments in the dress I chose, I found out that many reviews commented on the short length of the dress.  I ordered a long because of this and I am glad I did.  I was JUST long enough to wear with my small wedge.  I probably would have ordered a regular length that would certainly have been too short for me.

Well that is all I have- hope you have a stellar RTR experience!

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