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February Spotlight- Surviving the Polar Vortex 2019

In case you missed it- there was a polar vortex in the Midwest about three weeks where we hit as cold -60 wind chill!  Needless to say, we did not leave the house for about 48 hours.  Staying home, cuddled up sounds like a dream until your two young children get cabin fever!  In the long hours of being stuck inside, we tapped into some of our favorite activities (and Netflix) to get us through.  My four year old thankfully has a wild imagination so we do a lot of free-play.  However, here are some activities that my kids are loving right now!  For age reference, I have a four year old (I can hear her correcting me- 4.5 year old) daughter and an almost two year old son.

We used the Crayola brand- works great!

Watercolor Pencils

Although painting is fun for the children, it can be an absolute disaster for parents to clean up.  We have been loving watercolor pencils.  We got these watercolor pencils for about $3 plus these water-containing paintbrushes for about $5 at Hobby Lobby (yay for 40% of coupons!).  All the child has to do is color on canvas or watercolor paper (you can do regular paper but it does bleed through) then go in with the water-containing paintbrushes.  You simply squeeze the paintbrush and a little bit of water will come out and you can make beautiful pieces of art!  I also like to get in on this project- very relaxing!  Best part?  No spills.


Alright, this is the world’s easiest game plus it helps with identifying objects- making it perfect for both my two and four year old.  The goal is to fill up your card.  That is it!  My daughter is obsessed with this game and we often have to convince her to stop playing.  Highly recommend!  You can get it for $20 on Amazon.

My daughter is ALWAYS Repunzel!

Candy Land Princess Addition

Fun fact, Candy Land has been around since 1949.  So obviously nothing new here but it is new to my children!  Great for identifying colors and understanding the concept of board games.  My two year old just liked to collect the cards and we simply discussed the different colors.  My princess is obsessed with princesses and this Disney Princess version was a birthday gift.  However, it is on Amazon for $20.

So many fun stories to choose from!

Moonlite Storybook Projector

We know that reading is so important for word development in children.  This fun storybook projector is such a fun way to mix up our story time.  You simply download the app and clip the projector on your phone.  You then click through and read the story on your app while the children watch and listen while you project the story on the wall. We bought our projector on Black Friday, however, you can find it at Target for $20 (comes with a couple stories too!).  Books typically cost $7.99, however, $5 coupons are sent out regularly by the company.  Such a fun way to mix-it-up for story time!

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