April Spotlight- The Pioneer Woman

Well….48 hours ago I was walking in 80+ degree weather without a cloud in the sky in Pawhuska, OK. Now I am sitting on my couch looking out the window with 30 degree weather and an ice storm!

This weather has me wishing to go back to Oklahoma and more specifically, back to The Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile. Visiting the Merc was a recommendation by my mother-in-law and Pawhuska was only one hour away from Tulsa so we thought we would give it a try.

We had so much fun!

The Merc is a two-story, 25,000 square foot building where it’s first floor has a large store of fun finds (both in the kitchen, kids, and clothing!), a grab-n-go deli, and a place to sit and have lunch/dinner. The second floor has a cute bakery and candy shop with an area to lounge and look onto the town of Pawhuska.

Here are five tips I would give to a newbie to the Merc:

Go in the morning

I read that the Merc typically sees about 6,000 visitors per day. Which doesn’t surprise me as we saw two buses of tourists when we are there. We went on a Monday around 9 am and although busy, we never felt overwhelmed.

Stay for lunch

We stayed for lunch and it was a great decision. Everything was reasonably priced and the portions were large! My mom and I split the turkey sandwich plus got a “starter salad” and we were full after! Plus with only two people, we did not have to wait for a seat for lunch around 11:30. However, there was a wait for parties larger than two.

Get the lemonade

Is it weird that the lemonade was the favorite part of my meal? I am not sure if it was being in the south, the hot weather, or if the lemonade was just that good. I opted for the mango-lemonade and my mom stuck with the classic. I do not think a single table didn’t have a lemonade with their meals.

Don’t pass on dessert

How cute is this candy counter?!

Ree says it right on the menu- “the only dessert you regret is the one you didn’t order”. There are MANY desserts to choose from both the first and second floors. We journeyed upstairs for our dessert and enjoyed an amazing chocolate-almond croissant the size of our head. Ree was right…I did not regret it. I also wanted to note that I did buy a cute little bag of taffy for my kiddos and husband- it was gone the first night.


Newlyweds- get your dishes here!

My favorite thing at the Merc was all of the unique finds. I think the best part was that everything was reasonably priced- I was not expecting that. Of course the quality was also great. My only regret was not splurging a little more on some of their unique items…oh well…looks like I will have to go back!

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