May Spotlight- Contentment Journal

I’ve always loved the idea of journaling (perhaps this is the attraction of blogging?).  However, I never could maintain the habit and I relate that to feeling that I would only use it for venting purposes and it really brought me more negative than positive energy.  Enter the Contentment Journal. 

We are big Dave Ramsey-plan-fans and I have since been obsessed with his daughter’s, Rachel Cruze, books and podcasts (seriously check them out).  Overall, she just is a great person to relate to if you are in the season of life of children and needing work-to-life balance.

The Contentment Journal

Rachel recently came out with a Contentment Journal that I have been enjoying thoroughly.  It is a 90-day journal that provides prompts regarding family/relationships, money, work, and other self-reflections.  It overall helps you focus on the life you have and less on what others around you (she also has a book on this- “Love Your Life, Not Theirs”).

The prompts has made journaling so much more enjoyable and it has been a great conversation starter for my husband and I to dive into.  I have looked forward to bed time every night for the prompt-of-the-day.  If you are looking into journaling and overall self-improvement (who doesn’t want that?!) then I definitely recommend Rachel Cruze’s Contentment Journal.  Enjoy!

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