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Pixie Dust Jars

My four year old has recently become obsessed with Tinker Bell and wanting a Pixie Dust tree. This inspired us on a rainy day to make “pixie dust” jars, aka glitter jars, aka calming jars. Nothing too fancy! All you need is glitter glue, glitter, a bottle or jar (a plastic bottle for younger kids!), water, and food coloring.

Note that my daughter used purple food coloring for her jar and made the pictures look really dark but her jar was actually quite a brilliant purple! Especially when we shined a light through it. I think in the future we will use the same color glitter glue as our food coloring.

All you need:

  • Glass jar or plastic bottler
  • Glitter glue- will use about 1/2 a bottle. Found ours at Target.
  • Glitter about 1-2 tbsp.
  • Food coloring (optional but recommended for a more intense color)
  • Water (amount will depend on size of jar)

All you do:

  • In your bottle/jar, fill up about 1/3 with water. Add your glitter glue, glitter, and desired amount of food coloring.
  • Fill to top of your bottle/jar with water and shake well to distribute the glitter.

Nice and easy, right? My daughter enjoyed going into her room with the lights off and shining her flash light through the jar for extra fun. Now to figure out how to make a “pixie dust tree”……

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