September Spotlight: A Friends Baby Shower

In the month of July my husband and I hosted three parties. When our best friends asked us to host a Friends coed baby shower, I nearly (actually) squealed in delight. One of the most fun parties I had planning. See below for the highlights!


We opted for chips and dips (Could there BE any more dips?! -Chandler Bing, I presumed said this one time) for our appetizer. We had chips with a variety of dips including salsa, mango salsa, queso, and guacamole.

The timing of the baby shower was between meals so we did not want have too heavy of options (my Joey’s lasagna was nixed). Our “main course” we decided to tip our hat to Joey Tribbiani and honor his love for meatball sandwiches. Also, provided little prep for us! We simply bought frozen meatballs from Sam’s Club and threw them in a slow cooker.

We also had to honor the sandwich that sent Ross Geller on sabbatical: The Moist Maker. Now we didn’t make it exactly like Monica, however having light sandwich fixings were a hit with both the adults and kiddos.

For dessert, we just HAD to provide everyone with Phoebe’s Grandmother’s secret chocolate cookie recipe. I cannot give you the recipe but I believe the recipe was developed by a French baker names Nesele Toulouse.


I am so sad!  I did not get a picture of our game that we played during the party.  We held the Geller Cup with a game of bean bags/corn hole.  We created a bracket of couples and those that won received the “Geller Cup” which was simply a picture of the ever coveted troll doll trophy. 


Decorations were my favorite details of the party.  We ordered customizable Friends confetti with the family’s last name from Amazon (Papercuts Confetti).  We bought gold frames for a photo opp behind a purple tinsel back drop (Amazon- Fun Express and Treasures Gifted respectively).  Our final décor piece from Amazon was from Trends International which was our Central Perk poster.

10/10 would recommend

This was such a joy to plan!  I really hope I am able to have a FRIENDS party again because boy do I have some ideas…

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