“No-Spend” Christmas Shopping

I wanted to share how this year my husband will meet our goal of not spending any of our money this Christmas in hopes that next year you will be able to join us!  Our New Years resolution was to utilize numerous money saving apps.  I am actually writing this blog post on Halloween and on this day we have successfully accrued $575 combined on these apps– AND STILL COUNTING!  Hoping we can get to $700 come cash out time around Black Friday. 

See below for details on each app!  I also included a referral code as well- most will offer you a certain amount of money/points for joining with a code!

Referral Codes

  • Swagbucks: referrals need to be emailed/texted directly.  The person you refer to receives points plus you will receive 10% for life.  Happy to send to anyone interested!
  • Fetch Rewards: 4Y24T
  • Ibotta: suxknts
  • Dosh: AMANDAC595 You get $10 for joining and linking your card plus the person that referred also gets $10


Swagbucks is an app that allows you to earn cash back for online and in-store purchases.  We primarily used this app for our online purchases.  We also travel frequently for work so booking our car (Enterprise) and hotel (Marriott) within the app we were able to earn cash back.  Pro tip- answer the daily question to earn 1SB.  Swagbucks has numerous gift card options including an option to transfer money to your Pay Pal.  Keep an eye on sales because gift card retailers go on sale frequently.  For example, a $25 Amazon gift card is normally 2500 SB but will go on sale for 2200 SB periodically.  Surveys are also available for additional SB.

Fetch Rewards

Boy do I wish I had downloaded this app sooner!  I have only been using this one for about 2 weeks and I anticipate by the time Black Friday comes, I will have about $5-$10 in rewards.  This is such an easy way to earn points- just scan your receipts!!  No searching for deals (although you can do this in the app!).  This is a way to “double dip” with your receipts that you use with Ibotta (keep reading!).  Also have options for gift cards for numerous retailers.


This actually was the first couponing app that my husband and I downloaded.  We have become a little competitive on who gets to scan the receipt!  This app does require a little extra work in the sense that in order to maximize the money you save, you need to sit down and browse for deals.  We typically make our grocery list then go on the app to see if there is any cash back options available.  Nothing on your list?  No worries, you can still scan your receipt for an “any item” cash back bonus that typically ranges from 10 cents to $1.  These add up quickly!  Ibotta, like Swagbucks, also allow you to earn cashback for online shopping.  Just go through the app before you make an online purchase! 

Surveys On The Go

This is your classic survey app to earn money.  There are many “at-home” surveys available but there are also surveys available for when you go shopping.  All this app to have access to your location as this is when you will be able to maximize your savings.  For example, that $9.00 in my screen shot was from  taking a picture of the coffee pod section at Bed Bath and Beyond.  That is it.  You will not qualify for every survey but you typically do get 10 cents for your attempt; again, this will add up!


This is the easiest way to earn money.  Link your card to the app then you get cash back.  So easy!  The con is that retailers come and go from this app.  When Sam’s Club is available, you better believe that the money comes in quick (thanks diapers and wipes).  A fun feature for this app is that you can also donate that money that you earn. 

Work Place Wellness

Okay I’ll admit that that not everyone will have this option as this program is an employee incentive for my job. However, many employers (my husband’s included) offers monetary incentives for participating in wellness activities. Our employers are very generous in their employee wellness activities so it was a no brained for us. Check with you employer to see if they offer any incentives for everyday activities!

PS our final count on Black Friday was $637.56! And yes…we are still counting. Excited to be saving for next Christmas!

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