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4th of July Layered Mocktails (and cocktails)!

Every July, we make layered mocktails in my kids cooking class- they are a hit!  Making layered drinks are simple.  The key is to look at the sugar content.  Look at the nutrition facts label and choose three different drinks with increasing sugar content (such as 10g, 20g, and 30g).  The sugar content affects the… Continue reading 4th of July Layered Mocktails (and cocktails)!

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A Healthier Banana Split for Kids….and Adults

I wasn’t kidding when I told you my pregnancy cravings have been strong- my first three blog posts have been about desserts! As one of my “side-jobs”, I teach a cooking class for children at the local grocery store once per month. I have been teaching the class for over two years now and I… Continue reading A Healthier Banana Split for Kids….and Adults

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A Better Milkshake

I have been struggling with pregnancy cravings lately. With my daughter, it was horrible. I wanted sweets constantly- specifically double chocolate chip cookies from Subway and from Subway only (Andrew only made that mistake once). This pregnancy, however, I have not had as many cravings; must be the boy thing. HOWEVER, recently I have had… Continue reading A Better Milkshake