July Spotlight: Yearbooks and Chatbooks

Ever since we got married, I have wanted to make family yearbooks. However, the time and money was always in the way. An Instagram influencer I follow posted about Chatbooks and I decided to give them a try! Using Chatbooks was incredibly easy. I have my Facebook albums organized by year so it was simple… Continue reading July Spotlight: Yearbooks and Chatbooks


May Spotlight- Contentment Journal

I’ve always loved the idea of journaling (perhaps this is the attraction of blogging?).  However, I never could maintain the habit and I relate that to feeling that I would only use it for venting purposes and it really brought me more negative than positive energy.  Enter the Contentment Journal.  We are big Dave Ramsey-plan-fans… Continue reading May Spotlight- Contentment Journal

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Easy Sensory Bins for Kids

This idea came from watching Instagram stories- easy (and inexpensive) sensory bins!  Nothing fancy here- 5lb bag of rice ($3.99 from Target), 16 oz bag of beans ($1.99 from Target) and a small plastic bin with lids (99 cents from Target).  We spontaneously ended up coloring the rice at the end of the night- see recipe below! Puzzles!… Continue reading Easy Sensory Bins for Kids

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Andrew’s First Post!

Hey ‘Oven Lifers- Andrew here, Amanda’s lesser half.  We’ve decided that I should pitch-in on the blog and provide another perspective for followers.  Like Amanda, I’m a full-time parent with a full-time job so I’m on the same journey to find balance and success in both areas. Unlike Amanda, I haven’t always been the greatest… Continue reading Andrew’s First Post!

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February Spotlight- Surviving the Polar Vortex 2019

In case you missed it- there was a polar vortex in the Midwest about three weeks where we hit as cold -60 wind chill!  Needless to say, we did not leave the house for about 48 hours.  Staying home, cuddled up sounds like a dream until your two young children get cabin fever!  In the… Continue reading February Spotlight- Surviving the Polar Vortex 2019

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November Spotlight- Kids & Vacation

On Wednesday my husband and I returned from a WONDERFUL trip to Italy and Ireland.  We were gone for just under two weeks and there was a lot of concern (mostly on my end) on whether or not our kids would be able to handle us being gone for so long.  Therefore we wanted to create a… Continue reading November Spotlight- Kids & Vacation